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Reinvent your Life

Reinvent your life? If you are expecting information like sleep for 8 hours, eat balanced food, exercise 3 times a week or be happy, I’m sorry to say that you will be disappointed. At the same time, I can assure you that this article will definitely change your life or change your perspective on life regardless of your age and background. You will not regret reading this whether you are a professional, businessman, teacher, housewife, college student, or a senior citizen.

We would have heard a lot of suicide cases during this current COVID-19 pandemic. News of celebrities, ordinary people, or someone we met who took their lives because of stress and depression continued to pop up in WhatsApp or telegrams. The suicide rate has risen at an unprecedented pace worldwide regardless of their profession, age, race, background, education status, etc.

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Reinvent: Is COVID the cause? A big NO. In reality, if not COVID, these suicidal thoughts may be triggered by any other challenges. Therefore, what could be the root cause of their depression? 

Lack of Mental Resilience.

Building mental resilience should be a compulsory subject taught from kindergarten. And it should be practiced as a lifelong lesson. The course should be divided into primary, intermediate, and advanced and given the same or higher level of importance as courses such as medicine, engineering, law, IT, accounting, etc.

Reinvent Yourself with Reiki


Before we answer the question, let’s think about human strength. We being humans, do not have much physical strength and flexibility compared to animals. 

Most of the animals are far more potent and possess a power that surpasses humanly. We can’t run as fast as a cheetah, change our skin color like an iguana, can’t fly up over the Himalayas in 8 hours like an Asian goose, be underwater for hours like fish, neither we can lift as heavy as the noble elephants.

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However, we are considered the world’s most dominant species. Why? Simply because of our ability to think and manage our own emotions. With the power of our mind, we could invent technologies to fly, enjoy seabed scenery, and carry tons and tons of things. 

Sadly, due to the hectic lifestyle, the importance of building a healthy mind has been neglected. Education to get straight A’s, create a profession, and make more money has given the utmost priority compare to building the right mind. 

Reinvent: This is the main reason why people feel more stressed in this 21st century. And it is taking a toll on an individual’s mental, physical, emotional, and psychological health.

 If there is a breakup or divorce, loss of a job, death of a loved one, family dispute, chronic diseases, failing in exams, business loss, projects not taking place as planned, a bad accident or any other challenges, 9 out of 10 individuals are feeling down, depressed and some even at the extreme level having suicidal thoughts. 

Some say this is what makes us human. I beg to differ. Grief is the letting process but finding the courage to move on is what will reward you. 

 A student needs to know it is all right to fail the exam, but the student should pick her/himself up to rectify that in the next exam. 


An adult should accept that this pandemic caused him/her to lose his job or business, but somehow, he/she will be able to find an alternative or a different path to feed his/her family.  

And on the other scenarios, we don’t have control over certain things such as the sudden death of a loved one, job loss, or business loss due to the economic downturn. This will undoubtedly be overwhelming and throw life out of balance. 

But the point here is how fast we can pick ourselves to go on with our life. The prescription for all these challenges is mental resilience.

Reinvent: Change is Inevitable 

The world is changing rapidly. Advancement in technology had risen to an entirely new level. What seemed impossible in the past has become possible and easy now.

Science and technology are always growing and changing. Some things will go extinct, like the two-sided cassettes to record our favorite songs. And there will be new things that will make life simpler. As years go by, we will have a more significant revolution. 

The stress will be increasing as the pace of life is changing. As the famous phrase goes, “It’s not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent but rather the most adaptable to change” – Charles Darwin.

It is impossible to precisely predict the challenges in five, ten, or fifteen years from now. For example, nobody in their wildest dream five years ago thought that a virus named COVID-19 would have an enormous effect worldwide. 

Reinvent:  If we were trained mentally to face any situation life throws at us, we would make a better decision and lead a better life as a whole. The next question is HOW? By merely building mental resilience.

Mental Resilience

Mental resilience means mental strength, which helps you become more effective and efficient in your daily undertakings. It is the strongest indicator to live a fulfilling life. 

Stronger than intelligence. The biggest concern now. How to build mental resilience?

Know yourself

First and foremost, know yourself. “Know yourself” is a famous phrase used by philosophers, gurus, saints and can be found in almost every spiritual and international bestselling self-help book. 

Knowing yourself not only involves knowing your likes and dislikes, weakness and strength, or our victory and failures define it. But the critical point here is to know and understand the reason behind the negative feelings, vulnerability, and weaknesses we are faced with to take control and resolve them.

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In short, you are the expert on yourself. The very same spirit as we had when we first tried to walk. You didn’t bother with the number of times you fell. You got up and walked over and over without getting frustrated. That persistence leads to mental resilience. 

Every human is as unique as the thumbprint. Therefore, there is no uniform method to look deeper into yourself. Some will learn through meditation, sports, therapy, journaling, etc. The primary objective here is to develop insight and awareness of oneself.

Reinvent: Face Your Fears

Reiki Healing

We often become our own worst enemies. And the first enemy to build mental resilience is Fear. What if I fail again, or what if I have also been rejected? Mute the inner voice that says that to you.

 Try again and again without giving up. Forget what people have said about you. Great people build monuments from the stones that their critics throw at them. 

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Once you could face Fear holding you back, you will accomplish things you never thought possible. At the same time, do not repeat the same mistake and expect a new outcome. Keep learning and keep evolving by mapping out different possibilities. 

Always remember flexibility is power. Explore new ideas and face constant challenges. Do not cage yourself. At least at some stage, life would have taught us what doesn’t kill us, will make us stronger. 

Reinvent: Be a Leader

After mastering the skills above, be a backbone for others. The real happiness lies in helping others. The secret to pleasure is in giving rather than receiving. 

We discover this by feeding our younger siblings our first piece of our birthday cake at a very young age. The only rule of thumb is to do it without any expectation. If we can make life more meaningful for others, our confidence in overcoming all problems will significantly increase. Without faith, life is as useless as a candle without light. 

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