What is Lal Kitab Remedies in Astrology ?

What Is Lal Kitab Remedies In Astrology ?

This Article Focuses On Lal Kitab Remedies In Astrology.

The Lal Kitab Is A Collection Of Five Books On Hindu Astrology And Palmistry. Its Name Translates To “A Red Book.” It Encompasses All The Knowledge, Concepts, Laws, And Remedies Of Astrology And Is Written Such That The Average Person May Comprehend It.

The Astrology Of Lal Kitab Is Based On Samudrika Shastra. The Book Was Written In The 19th Century In The Urdu Language.

Lal Kitab Astrology Is Most Renowned For Its Upayas, Or Recommended Cures, Which Are Said To Be Extremely Useful For Addressing The Planetary Illnesses In A Person’s Natal Chart Or Horoscope. To Lessen The Bad Effects Of A Person’s Birth Chart, They Don’t Have To Do Boring Religious Things Or Wear Expensive Jewelry.

Lal-kitab Astrology Has Recently Garnered Widespread Interest. In 1983, An Astrological Newspaper Titled “Fate And Fortune” Published Lal Kitab’s Cures, Which Catapulted Them Into The Public Eye.

Soon After This Event, The Market Was Saturated With Several Variants Of The Lal Kitab. But It Is Said That The Original Versions Were Written By Pandit Roop Chand Joshi Of Punjab Between 1939 And 1952.

According To Certain Experts, The Author Of Lal Kitab Astrology Is Thought To Be Lanka’s King Ravana. He Lost His Lal Kitab, However. This Book Resurfaced In The Arabian Region Of Aaad. This Work Was Initially Translated Into Persian And Then Into Urdu. Therefore, The Lal Kitab Is Commonly Known As The Red Book Of Persia.

Some Hindu Scholars Consider Lal-kitab Astrology To Be Extremely Similar To Vedic Jyotisha. It Provides Attention To The Same Nine Planets, Or Navagraha, Employed By Vedic Astrologers.

It Combines Palmistry With Jyotisha Shastra. It Introduced A New Method Of Birth Chart Analysis With An Emphasis On Economic And Speedy Solutions.

Other Parts Of Vedic Astrology And Jyotisha Often Recommended Using Pooja Rituals And Gemstone Jewelry, But These Cures Didn’t Have Those Things.

It Was Printed On A Crimson Hardcover. Red Is A Symbol Of Ganesha And Lakshmi In Hinduism, Where It Is Seen As An Auspicious Colour.

Today, Numerous Lalkitab Astrology Practitioners Give Medicines Based On The Farmann Of These Books. In Truth, Numerous Individuals Have Asserted That They Benefited From Following The Advice In These Books. The Five Books Comprising Pandit Roop Chand Joshi’s Lal Kitab Astrology Are As Follows:

1939: Lal Kitab Ke Farman (383 Pages)

1940: Lal-kitab Ke Arman (280 Pages)

1941 Edition Of Gutka-ilm Samudrik Ke Lal Kitab (428 Pages)

1942 Lal-kitab Ke Farmann-tarmeem Shuda (384 Pages)

The 1952 Edition Of Ilm-e-samudrik Ki Lal Kitab (1173 Pages)

In Fact, Lal-kitab Astrology Has Given Rise To Lal Kitab Remedies, A Field Of Therapeutic Astrology.

These Are Basic Cures For Dealing With The Horoscope Or Birth Chart’s Many Planetary Illnesses. It Has Become A Part Of The Folk Traditions Of The North Indian And Pakistani Regions.

Lal Kitab Astrology Presents A Novel Technique To Explain The Relationship Between Planetary Positions And Palm Lines. Therefore, It Combines Astrology And Palmistry.

Moreover, Lal-kitab Astrology Has Gained Widespread Popularity Around The World. Numerous Of Its Astrological Treatments Have Become Part Of The Indian-everyday Subcontinent’s Culture.

Among The Most Popular Astrological Cures Are:

Tossing Coins Into A River While Crossing It

Cows Are Fed Grass.

Feeding A Dog Bread.

Providing Meals To Unmarried Women

Avoid Eating On The Bed While Seated.

Placing The Dining Table As Close As Possible To The Kitchen

Utilize Silverware Or Utensils.

Attempt To Obtain The Blessings Of The Elderly.

Feed Monkeys To Boost Your Finances.

Fish Will Improve Your Mother’s Health.

Moreover, Numerous Alternative Treatments Exist As Well.

Some Of Its Wise Sayings Have Been Used As Proverbs In Other Languages, Like Multani.

Nevertheless, There Are Distinctions Between Lal Kitab And Vedic Astrology. In Vedic Astrology, The Houses Are Unchanging. The Zodiac Signs Are Not, However, Fixed. In Lal-kitab Astrology, Both Houses And Zodiac Signs Are Immutable.

Lal Kitab Astrology Typically Identifies Malevolent Planets In A Person’s Birth Chart And Provides Incredibly Efficient Cures For Their Appeasement. In Fact, The Lal-kitab Remedies Are Said To Be Infallible. They Are Inexpensive, Simple, And Expedite Outcomes.

Traditional Methods Such As Mantra, Japa, Yagya, And Yantra Have Become Very Tough In The Present Epoch Of Kaliyuga, So They Prove To Be Incredibly Valuable.

However, If Lal Kitab Remedies Are Not Performed Properly, They Can Even Backfire.

Therefore, One Must Exercise Extreme Caution When Performing Lal Kitab Remedies. Also, It Is Best To Stop Taking Medicines Right Away If They Cause Bad Side Effects.

One May Initiate Lal-kitab Treatments At Any Moment. However, It Must Be Watched Constantly For 43 Days Following The Initial Observation. The Procedure Should Be Carried Out Continuously For 43 Days.

If There Is An Obstruction, The Process Should Be Restarted. The Lal-kitab Remedies Are Believed To Be Observed During The Day. There Are No Favourable Benefits When The Medicines Are Taken Either Before Sunrise Or After Nightfall.

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