Vedic Astrology & Lalkitab

Vedic Astrology & Lalkitab 

Both Vedic Astrology & Lalkitab Are Accurate And Explain Dictum”s In Their Own Unique Way; The Question Is How You Wish To Perceive Them.

Vedic Astrology Has Had Scholars In The Past Who Interpreted Diverse Commentaries On Ancient Astrology Texts, Shedding Light On How To Decipher Sutras. On The Other Hand, Astrologers Have Done A Great Deal Of Injustice To The Lal-kitab. There Are Two Types Of Astrologers Who Have Mistreated The Lal-kitab: Those Who Have Never Considered The Deeper Meaning Of Why A Particular Remedy Has Been Prescribed, And Those Who View The Lal-kitab As A Totka (Remedial) Book.

Venus, Which In A Birth Chart Represents The Wife And Lives In The Sixth House Of Enemies, Is Seen As Weak And A Sign Of Bad Things To Come In A Marriage.

Lal-kitab States That If Venus Is In The Sixth House, A Person Should Marry A Fat, Unattractive, Dark-skinned Woman.

The Reason Being, The 6th House Is A Natural House Of Mercury, And This Person Has A Tendency To Ask A Lot Of Questions And Have Doubts About His Wife, Causing His Married Life To Be Unsatisfactory. This Person Will Have A Lot Of Doubts About His Spouse Because He Is Extra Cautious, Preventing Him From Getting Married Or Destroying His Married Life.

As A Remedy, Lal-kitab Offers: “Do Not Judge Women And Marry The Worst Among Them.” However, If A Guy Accepts That He Will Not Judge Women Based On Their Race, Appearance, Or Personality, His Marital Life Improves, And This Is True For Both Sexes.

During Consultations, I’ve Met A Lot Of Venus 6th House People Who Complain About Their Partners In Ways That Don’t Make Sense And Who Don’t Trust Their Relationships.

Learn-lal Kitab-if You Choose, But Delve Into The Underlying Meaning Of Each Remedy And Determine Its Purpose.

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