Reiki for Weight Loss in 2023

Reiki for Weight Loss in 2023 

By Shalini

Reiki for Weight Loss: 2023 has begun. Every year starts with new wishes, dreams, hopes, and desires. One of the top resolutions written by many in all their new year list is to stay healthy, fit and above all a have a slender and lovely body.

And in every year’s list, this particular resolution seems to be replicated without fail. Reason?

Fail to keep up to the resolution after realizing nothing works for several months after attempting countless methods to shed some fats to boost health.


Therefore, let’s do something different in 2023. Someone dear told me that every day should be treated as a New Year/Birthday/Diwali/Eid Mubarak/Christmas/Valentine.

Indeed, life would be beautiful with such a mind-set. Because there won’t be a reason to wait to celebrate life, show love, and strive for our resolutions.


With the same thoughts, pause for a moment to imagine how you will feel when you lose weight and increase your fitness and how those around you will respond to your new body. Life will be marvellously different.

This article would be a comprehensive guide on losing weight using Reiki simply and straightforwardly. You are about to discover the best way to use REIKI for weight loss and health enhancement.

The REIKI way is more than just a weight-loss tool. You will begin dropping pounds immediately, treat inflammation, free from long-term medication, and feeling better than ever!

And if those are your burning desires, Scroll Down and Keep reading.

reiki for weight loss

Love Your Self: Reiki for Weight Loss

No matter how unhealthy or fatty you think, you are right now, love yourself. In doing so, we are embracing all facets of ourselves. Everything starts from the mind. The fundamental theory is that there is a profound relation between the mind and body responsible for gaining or losing weight.

As Reiki deals with life force, it will penetrate the root causes of weight gain and find the critical areas you need to focus on.

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Negative emotions and blocked energies are the main culprits for weight gain. When we stop judging ourselves negatively, it aids in speeding up the process of losing weight.

Food and its Ki’s: Reiki for Weight Loss

Starving ourselves and eating what we don’t like isn’t the way to lose weight. The psychological and emotional approach to food is Reiki’s main factor. And when are we usually taking so much care of our food? Either when we are sick or when we want to lose weight.

One of the primary sources you regularly get Ki to your entire being is the food you eat.

According to nutritionists, it is easier to shed the extra pounds when we consume food that contains Ki. Examples of such foods are those which get a lot of sunlight like fruits and vegetables. And cooking foods drain some of the life force energy while microwaving and freezing foods ultimately kills the energy.

However, while preparing the meals, the good news is that we can establish a healthy relationship with food. And how we do that? Just by Reiki the food and water which we were going to consume.


Reiki Your Food and Water: Reiki for Weight Loss in 2023

There are several methods to Reiki your food and water. The objective is to purify the food by getting rid of the negative energies.

As we elevate our Ki to remove our detrimental energies in the body, there are many ways in which the low Ki energy can also be increased to high Ki energy in the food.

Methods are as follows :

1) Hold your food in your hand and channel your life force energy into the food to extract all negative energy from your food. Imagine a greyish vapor coming out from the food, leaving it fresh and healthy.
2) Place your hand above your plate of food. Imagine a glowing crystal ball swirling out from your hand that energies your food with Ki.
3) Charge a magnet in your hand by saying affirmations such as “The energy in my food is high,” “I’m getting slimmer and healthier by consuming this food,”
“The food is nourishing me” or any other positive statements. Then place the magnet under the plate or the glass of water.
4) Write positive words on paper and stick them on your glass or your plate. The energy from the words is transmitted; hence it Reiki the water.

What we are doing is consciously supercharging the energy in the food before consuming it. And when energy is allowed to flow unobstructed, the body is in the optimum state to heal itself.

Reality vs. Truth: Reiki for Weight Loss

Perhaps some of you think this works? Is it that simple? Does it change the food’s quality by imagining a light?

Let us reflect on the Asian tsunami on 26 December 2004 to answer these questions. It was reported that no animals were killed as they have already vacated the “red zone.”

Why does this happen?

This is because animals are aligned with the energies of their environment. They have enhanced their capacity to survive by being sensitive to the life around them. That is why predators, prey, and danger around them are always more comfortable for them to sense.

We, humans, are meant to be attuned to the same energy around us. And We have conscious thoughts, and they don’t make the only difference between humans and animals.

We prefer to examine everything with these conscious thoughts and to apply it to science. But, We tend to push it away if science cannot quantify and prove the existence of this energy.

We refuse to acknowledge the natural connection that we have with this powerful energy.

Moreover, we are still trapped in everyday life issues with which we barely have time to connect. We spend most of our time dwelling on the past and worrying endlessly about the future. And we never live fully alive and intuitive in the present moment.

But the secret to living the life we desire is always in tune with the immense energy. Don’t you want to stop worrying about illness? You Don’t want your health to improve? Don’t you want to look fit and healthy?

Therefore, Stop analysing! Stop doubting! Reiki for Weight Loss 2023

It is time to lose weight, get healthy, and provide your family with the best nutrition. Losing weight progressively and naturally doesn’t have to be complicated. It’s much easier than you think.

So, Reiki your food every day. It’s the most enriched way of eating and losing weight.

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