Energy Healing For Love, Success, And Money

Energy Healing For Love, Success, And Money

Today, energy healing has occupied an important place amongst various alternative therapies. If you delve into the background, this alternative mode of Healing originated in China. 

They referred to it as ‘Qi.’ If ongoing research is to be believed, more than 13% of individuals use these complementary therapies or treatments. One of the most prominent ones being crystal energy healing.

It involves two people, to be precise – a healer and the sick individual. You can trace it back to the Bible. Alternative forms of Healing have spread in popularity to the US, the UK, and other countries.


This traditional healing system restores the balance of the body and also assists in the flow of energy. Thus, rejuvenating the mind, body, and soul. You can make this technique work directly with the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of your life. 

Now, you can treat various ailments that are linked to mental health. You can go through several reports to find out that the sick person gets cured once the energy flow gets through.

Protect Yourself from Evil Eye 

Thus, emitting vibratory frequencies. You will find crystals in modern electronic equipment like TVs, phones, and satellites.

Crystals are in use since time immemorial. They are used in various burial rites, divination, and healing rituals.

Choosing The Best Crystals For Healing?

If you see around you, you will be able to check out a vast array of crystals. Some tend to heal the body, and others tap energy during meditation. Moreover, you should buy stones and crystals from authentic sources. Various fraudsters are making stones in the laboratory and passing them off, for real. 

Crystals tend to attract their owners and vice versa. You will instantly develop a bond if the crystal matches up to your senses.

The moment you and the stone resonate, you will be able to feel the warmth in your hands, your body, and the mind. Healing therapies concentrating on crystals tend to occupy the top spot in the field of several healing therapies. 

Crystal energy healing is profound today.

However, there is no other scientific reasoning behind the working of crystals. They have become quite popular for self-care. Crystals act as a powerhouse for Healing. 

They work by channelising the energy levels of the body. They also induce a placebo effect on the body.

Energy healing techniques

How To Use Crystals For Energy Healing?

Each crystal has specific healing powers and properties. You can use crystals to heal your body and also remove any negativity. Some of the most common stones used in Healing are amethyst, rhodonite, opal, and rose quartz. 

Different Types Of Energy Healing Techniques

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You will come across various kinds of energy healing techniques today. They are:

  • Reiki:You can use this technique of Healing with traditional medicines to speed up the body’s healing process. Healers use specific hand movements and symbols to facilitate the process. Mostly. Healers channelize the energy of the universe through the body. Reiki can help cure various ailments like cold, flu, stomach ailments, and headaches with this technique’s help. It is also known to be quite effective against more severe diseases like heart disease.
  • Pranic Healing – is another mode of energy healing. However, it can work without touch. Pranic Healing utilizes the body’s force and works on the aura. It accelerates the healing process and cures the body of various illnesses.

Crystal Energy Healing – 

  • You must have seen several people doing this today. Stones and crystals occupy primary space in many healers’ magic boxes. These work differently on different chakras of the body. 
  • You can address physical, emotional, and spiritual problems through the use of stones and crystals. 
  • Crystals help to repel any negative energy from the body. Crystal energy healingis catching up along with other healing techniques today.

Healing Through Crystals

Energy healing with crystals has taken a whole new form today. Crystals are essential to humankind, both from a scientific and mystical viewpoint. Moreover, you can practice various kinds of healing modalities through crystals. They include crystal readings, space clearing with crystals, and shamanic healing. 

So, you must be thinking, how crystals can be so assertive? You can attribute the healing power of crystals to their mental powerhouse. 

Energy healing for money

Crystals tend to collect a lot of memories. They are excellent absorbers of information and energy. They tend to collect different points around them and oscillate.

Moreover, crystal energy works owing to its unique atomic and molecular structure. These vibrations can affect human bodies and minds. 

The Chinese, Egyptians, and Indians have been using crystal energy healing for a long time now. You can consider adding them to your self-care toolkit. 

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Most yoga studios and alternative energy healing stores keep them. You can add them to your therapies surrounding holistic wellness.

Crystals That You Should Know About

If you are practising energy healing, you have got to know about these stones. You will find them being commonly used today.

Clear Quartz – is a neutral conductor of energy. It is excellent for those who are just starting in the field of crystal healing. You can use it while meditating to keep you grounded.

Amethyst – is another stone that is quite popular today. If you are looking for solace or a way to find happiness, then this is the stone for you. It has a calming energy that relaxes you.

Citrine – is famous as the money stone. It is known to radiate love and joy. If you want to tap into your inner happiness, keep a citrine with you.

Aquamarine – tends to amplify the throat chakra. If you wear this stone as a necklace, it is bound to give you a voice like no other. If you are into creative pursuits, buy one today.

Black Tourmaline – is a protective stone. It promptly clears dark energies. Protect yourself or your space by placing this stone on the body or your area.

Rose Quartz – brings love. That is one of the essential qualities of this stone. You can buy the stone and wear it over your heart chakra or as a bracelet. Please keep it in your bedroom, for the most obvious reasons.

No matter which one you choose and for any purpose, remember to charge your crystal for crystal energy healing. 

Let it sit by the sun and absorb all the energies. They can hold more power in this manner. Give a purpose to your crystal, and that will make it aware of your intentions. No matter what you crave for, love, money, success, or health, you will surely get it.

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